Project Raspberry (codename)

A new adventure combining hand drawn and computer graphics

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  • Xbox One: TBA
  • Steam: TBA
  • Otras: TBA

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  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Genre: RPG, Adventure
  • PEGI: N/A
  • ESRB: N/A

A tasty RPG full of flavours!

Project Raspberry (codename) is an RPG full of sweets, flavors and, in summary, food-themed. This game is being developed for PC and console.

The story

Some mysterious characters live at the foot of a sacred tree, indispensable for their life: these creatures are only born of it!

That is why they annually gather at the foot of the sacred tree and celebrate a festival that brings new neighbors to life.


Unfortunately, the tree falls ill because of an evil monster and is drying up. It's time to leave the village and find a solution before it dies and its children are extinguished!

The battle system

The title has a turn-based + time waiting battle system in which we can use different skills and commands. All skills are oriented to the game theme; Even the magic elements are flavours!


Using skills requires candies, which are shared among team members. There are four types: chocolate, candy, gum and jelly. Each skill requires a different combination to eat!

Even harmful states are related to the game theme: for example, if we acquire diabetes we won't be able to use skills since we cannot eat candies. We will have to use insulin to return to normal.


When fighting, we must be careful with the top bar, as it indicates the waiting time of each character. It does not indicate the order of the turns; Participants can step up to each other in the timeline.

In addition to standard team members, we can tame monsters and add them to our adventure as one more character.


The villagers have no gender because they are born of a sacred tree. But we can personalize them as we want: skirts, jeans, hair styles, shirts, etc.

More informarion

The title is being developed by Cristóbal Mata, with the collaboration of Albert Fernandez as composer (Dunpets Colors). It is currently in a very early stage, so you will not find many graphics resources.


Due to the priority of Dunpets Colors, Project Raspberry has ben slowed down until the launch of the first game for mobile devices. Possibly, Raspberry will be available in 2018. We will keep you updated and unveil the real name soon!

Feature summary

  • An amazing adventure: Travel the world to save the sacred tree.
  • Turn-based battles: The game combines turn-base battle with time waiting depending on the character speed to make it more dynamic.
  • RPG full of flavours: The game theme is about tasty food and flavours. Harmful states are related to that too (i.e. diabetes) and magic elements are just flavours.
  • Eat candies to use skills: Each skill needs a different combination of candy kinds in order to use.
  • Customize your character: Characters have no gender, but you can wear them as you want! Hairs, shirts, jeans, boots... There are a lot of items to personalize your avatar.
  • Tame monsters and add them to your team: Monsters can be tamed and trained as a standard party member!

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