Stories of Bethem: Full Moon

Khoma and the Bethem Witches cast a spell on Xbox One, Steam and Android

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  • Xbox One: September 2
  • Steam: Windows, OS X y Ubuntu
  • Android (Google Play)

More data

  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Genre: Adventure, Action-RPG, Puzzle
  • PEGI: 12
  • ESRB: T


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The adventure of Khoma. Puzzles & exploration go back to classic!

Stories of Bethem: Full Moon is a classic style action-RPG. A magical adventure full of secrets, puzzles, unrequited love, exploration and loads of madness with retro look.

The game tells the story of Khoma, a young man of Bethem whose father has been cursed by the Blue Witch when he was investigating Indigo Forest.


Khoma sets out for a quest that will lead him to the Red Witch, the only person able to break the spell. He will be involved on a long travel to get the Oneiric Objects of Bethem while he becomes a wizard: a real challenge to his strength and skills in a huge world to discover.

Main features

  • A vast kingdom full of secrets to discover. Exploration is the key!
  • The game is divided into dungeons full of puzzles to solve.
  • Surprising characters and wild stories. Guaranteed fun!
  • A lot of spells to learn to open your path.
  • A collection of monsters to complete.
  • Costumes for the hero to get new awesome powers.
  • Fearsome monsters to defeat.
  • About 20 hours of fun.
  • Side-quests with great rewards and achievements to squeeze the game.

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