Dunpets Colors

The Dunpets Rescue Center will recruit new members in 2018!

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  • Android and iOS: April, 2018
  • Steam and GOG: KickStarter

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  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Genre: RPG, roguelike, digital pets, monster catching, dungeon crawl
  • PEGI: N/A
  • ESRB: N/A


  • Unlimited version (and Desktop): NA
  • Free to play version (Only iOS & Android)

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Fusion of Monster raising and dungeon crawl

Dunpets Colors is a videogame for Smartphone (and desktop if we overcome the goal on KickStarter) that combines dungeon crawl (RPG) and monster raising/catching. It is the sequel of the videogame Dungeon Pets for Android and iOS, released in 2014.


This title will include more than 30 different collectible creatures in its launch date, each creature has 4 stages of growth (more than 120 to discover and register in the Dunpedia).

Regularly, we will release free content updates that will expand the game with new creatures, levels and areas.

The game

We will join the rescue teams to save the Dunpet World. For this, we will have to defeat terrible monsters that are corrupting these creatures and explore random and endless dungeons in which we will find more dunpet eggs for our team and a lot of rewards.


As a new feature when getting dunpets regarding Dungeon Pets, we can get new ones using Chromacrystals in the corrupted dunpets, although it will not be an easy task.

The adventure

The game has several maps full of varied levels: infinite dungeons, evil lairs, puzzles, minigames, events, etc.


To progress through the map, we will have to unlock levels matching the requirements marked in the different zones. There are also secret levels that will require a good effort to be discovered!


Our battle team is composed by only two dunpets that will fight together. We will have to create our strategies depending on the area if we want to complete it successfully. Each dunpet is special and is associated with one of the 12 basic magic elements!


In addition, dunpets learn skills that will be crucial when they are fighting. You will be able to equip a number of abilities depending on the stage of growth of each creature.

The shelter

The title allows us to personalize our shelter with a variety of decorative objects. We can visit the shelter of other players, send gifts and even fight against them (not real-time) via the Internet!

All people connected

Dunpets Colors includes extra fun thanks to its social features: visit the shelter of other players, fight against them (not in real time), compete in special tournaments divided by teams, send dunpets or items... A whole world connected!


We'll meet other players when exploring dungeons and challenge them to a duel, take a look at their progress or see their home and team. But we'll also have a friend list to interact with whenever we want!

Note that this is a secondary feature: Internet connection is not required to play the main adventure!

More information

The game is being developed by Cristóbal Mata, counting on the collaboration of Miriam Pérez as illustrator and pixel-art artist, and Albert Fernandez as composer of the original soundtrack.

We are working to make Dunpets Colors available in 2018 (April).

Play the Premiere Demo

Download the game demo for Windows or Android. You can also email us with your Apple ID to send you an invitation to the iOS beta on Apple TestFlight.

Feature summary

  • New dunpet generation. Discover the new and colorful species of digital pets designed by the excellent illustrator Miriam Perez.
  • Your shelter, your way. Customize your home with new decorative items, there are plenty of possibilities.
  • Variety of things to do. Complete the different zones of the Dunpet World filled with variety of levels, minigames, dungeons and challenges.
  • Dunpets, more social. Compete with other rescue teams, visit the shelter of other players, give your friends creatures, or leave a gift in their shelter. Playing with others is more fun than ever!
  • Free content updates. The title extends its content adding new dunpets, levels and things to do. Don't stop the fun!
  • Original soundtrack. The game has a soundtrack composed by Albert Fernandez. What a delight to the ears!

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